LEVEL 3


This is a one day extension to the level 2 course and trains participants in additional skills including the uses of Automated External Defibrillators. This course is suitable for those leading outdoor activites with a further development of skills in managing casualties in the outdoor or wilderness environment This course also includes ever more challenging scenarios which help increase an individuals confidence in dealing with difficult and dynamic situations in the wilderness setting.


                  LEVELS 1 AND 2


This is a one or two day course which is recognised by the ISA, ICU, and Mountaineering Ireland as well as all the other outdoor sports governing bodies. The emphasis of the course is on how to manage and arrange the evacuation of injured or ill casualties in remote settings far from medical help and where there is only minimal equipment available. The course is taught in a completely hands- on manner in realistic outdoor scenarios where the skills of each and every individual on the course is practised and developed.


Level 1 is suitable for those who partipate rather than lead in outdoor activities and want to gain a basic level of confidence as a first responder in a remote setting

Just did my Rec 4, and Rec 3 before that with Marie. The course was so informative and interesting. So applicable to what we do in the outdoors. Marie's relaxed and extremely knowledgeable delivery was the best first aid course I have done over the years. Her theory links into the practical sessions so well and she inspires confidence with hers. Fantastic course Can't recommend Marie's courses enough    

Dohmniál Dubhloisg. White Water Rafting and Canoe Instructor –  May 2015

REMOTE WEST first aid

Expedition and Rescue



A two day course as an extention to levels 2 and 3. Participants are required to have completed  level 2 or 3 within the past 2 years before being accepted for this training.

The course can be streamed into a Rescue or Expedition Level 4.


Rescue level 4 is ideal for those who belong to a rescue team and covers skills using all the nornal contents of a rescue first aid kit, such as medical gases, cervical collars and vaccum splints, airway adjuncts and suction devices


Expedition Level 4 is tailored for those who lead or help to lead expeditions in remote areas. Topics covered are altitude illness and its prevention, lightning, insect and animal bites, common tropical dieases, and wound care. 

Once again the above courses are taught in a hands on manner through realisitic scenarios where all participants get to practice their skills in the outdoors. a



All the above courses are tailored to the participants particular interests or outdoor sports and the  scenarios will be chosen to practice specific skills for the various interest groups.