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First Aid for teachers

Sports First Aid

Not all those seeking knowledge in first aid are doing so to meet legal requirements or because First Aid is necessary for their occupations. Many people in our communities are interested in having basic skills in first aid so that they will know how to act if necessary in the event of injury or illness to loved ones, children, friends, pupils etc. The following are 1 and 2 day courses which offer some basic but ultimately life saving knowledge to everyone.

1 day specially designed courses which give teachers the skills to deal with emergencies that may occur during school hours. The course is delivered at your school and covers all sudden illnesses and accidents that are common to children and adolscents and give teachers the skills and confidence to manage these events until help arrives.

We all want to be able to act to help loved ones, friends or members of the community. 1 and 2 day Basic First Aid courses give people important skills that lead to a safer home and community.

Experience has taught us that children and young people are among the most confident learners. Used to soaking up information, once they learn basic first aid skills, youngsters show far less hesitation than adults when dealing with emergencies. This 1 day course delivered at the school gives young people life-saving knowledge and ensures that they know what to do while waiting for an adult to take over.

Basic First Aid General
First Aid for primary and secondary school students

Community First Aid


Results from Research carried out by Elasoplast UK showed that 1 in 3 dads and 1 - 5 mothers have been in an emergency situation where they did not know how to help their child

Be the difference!

Sue Killen, CEO, St John Ambulance comments: ‘Around 2,500 people die each year from a blocked airway, but if someone had known the recovery position, lives could have been saved.



1 and 2 day courses which are ideal for those who are participating in or coaching and managing sports of all kinds. The course is tailoured to the needs of the particular sporting group and covers injuries specific to these sports as well as emergency first aid and CPR.

Up to 150,000 people a year could be given a chance to live if more people knew first aid, says charity St John Ambulance, as it launches a hard-hitting campaign to encourage more people to learn this vital skill

"Excellent faciliator. Made course easy to follow"

 Catherine McCloskey. Occupational First Aid course, March 2013

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